Thursday, July 30, 2009

Raegan's new hair

Raegan has been asking for awhile now if she could get her hair cut "short." She wanted it cut to her shoulders. Mommy thought that was a little too short. This is her first official haircut. We have trimmed it a few times--but she got to go to a cute little salon. She got her hair washed, got to sit in a big, twirly chair and wear a cool cape. We finally came to an agreement that she would get it cut to her collar bone. She was so happy and it looks really cute. It is a lot harder to do if I blow it dry and straighten it. I never realized how thick her hair is. Cute cut for school.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What's been cookin'

Well lately we have had A LOT of zucchini cooking. Everyday we get at least one new one from the garden. We also have yellow squash. So we have been eating tons of these. We have been trying new things with the veggies too. Cooking them different ways. We tried zucchini bread and even dried some. Good thing we all like zucchini and squash. This one in the pictures was the biggest one we have had yet.

There are also some cucumbers, bell peppers, and jalapeno peppers growing. We have tomatoes but they are still green. Not too bad for our first garden.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pioneer day "fun-run"

This year our family signed up and went on the 2K "fun run" for pioneer days. It was a good experience for us. We had to get the kids up at 5 am--which was NOT a pretty picture as far as Raegan was conserned. She cried and cried and screamed. She loves to sleep. Once we were at the race she was fine. I am so proud of us to go as a family and do this. Russ was #19 over all and came in 2nd place in his age group. WAY TO GO RUSS. He is an amazing runner. The rest of us came in DEAD LAST!!!! Awesome. I am surprised that my kids even made it. Riley was very tired and wanted to stop several times--but kept his little feet moving. Raegan is a natural runner like Russ. She can go and go forever and never get tired. We had so much fun that we are entered to go on another "fun run" next week. It's only 1 mile so I bet we can make it:0

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

When did my baby get big???

I think I just blinked and my baby girl became a big girl. She is so cute and so much fun. Now that she can walk she is always climbing on stuff. The other day she climbed up on Riley's rocking chair and was rocking it back and forth. How did she learn that? Right now she also loves to carry things. She will find stuff while walking around the house and just hang on to it. She always wants to be carrying a purse (just like her sister). We will often times find a purse full of her treasures from the day. She LOVES putting lotion on and washing her hair in the bath. BUT sometimes she gets the two mixed up and puts lotion in her hair. She still sucks her thumb--which I still think is sweet (for now) but her new favorite thing is to hold a Q-tip or cotton ball in one hand and suck her thumb with the other. It is so silly. She holds the cotton to her face and is happy as could be. We love you Reesie Mae.

Friday, July 17, 2009

SuMmEr FuN

We have had a fun summer so far. Alot of just hanging out at home. The kids seem to find things to keep them entertained. Yesterday some wonderful neighbors brought us some green beans from their garden. I had the kids help me break the ends off. They thought that was great. Easy enough. WELL this morning we have been outside helping with chickens and it started to get pretty hot outside. I brought the baby in to give her a bath because she was D-I-R-T-Y. When I looked out to check on Riley and Raegan they had thought of their own fun. They filled the wagon up with water and toys and jumped in----in their pajamas. NICE!!! It made them happy. Even Russ got in on the fun and started spraying them with the hose. I hope that my kids will remember fun memories like this when they are grown.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

JUST BECAUSE---she's soooo cute

Isn't my baby the cutest?!?! I love her. She makes me laugh. Right now she makes the funniest faces. She is saying a few small words like "no no", "night night", and something that sounds like "I love you." She is so fun. HOWEVER she has such a temper. She wants what she wants when she wants and there is no negotiating. She will sometimes throw herself down on the floor and pitch a fit. Good thing she is so cute so I can laugh about it.

CoUsIn TiMe

My sister Rebecca and her family came for a visit this week. It is always so good to see them. My kids LOVE having their cousins here to play with. Lots of playing outside. They played in the sprinklers, and hauled dirt and rocks. We love you guys and are so glad you could come for a visit. Here are some pictures of Aleigh and Raegan helping me make peach cobbler. What cute girlies.