Monday, June 28, 2010

Riley's front teeth

Riley's two front teeth have been loose for a while now. They got so bad they were barely hanging on. The first one drove Russ so crazy that he got the dental floss and wrapped it around and pulled. Only he didn't have to pull it just popped out. Then the last top one started to dangle like a week later. Again we kept telling him to pull it out but he just wouldn't. Last night Russ was grossed out again and pulled it out. His new teeth are already coming down. I think he looks adorable with no front teeth.

Friday, June 25, 2010

More crafts

I made these fun new crafts for my extremly long and bare hallway. I love how everything turned out. The hall looks not so BLAH anymore.

My silly girl

Reese is such a funny little girl. Look at how she is dressed. No pants, onsie unbuttoned, Riley's shoes. She thought she was pretty cool. We just love her. She is VERY sassy and bossy but soooo loving. She is talking so good now. She says everything we say and more. Her favorite color is green. She calls everything green. She has counted to 10 and has been singing ABC's a lot lately. Love you Reesie Mae.


We got to host some girls for EFY!!! WOW what a GREAT experience. In our house we had Linsay, Katie, and Ashley. At Mel's house we had Reghan, and Kaitlyn. These are such GREAT girls. We were so grateful to have them here. To see and feel of their sweetness and greatness was an awesome thing. Thank-you girls for being strong and such great examples. We miss them.

The end of T-Ball

This was Riley's first year playing T-ball and he really had a great time. There was a couple of times when we had to force him into the car BUT once he was there he had a lot of fun. He really did a good job a batting and running. He wanted to be better at catching. But he sure tried. We thought since Riley is left handed at EVERYTHING that he would catch, throw, and bat left handed. Come to find out he bats right handed and wants to catch and throw right handed also. WEIRD. He figured it out and ended up batting right handed and catching and throwing left handed. We still need to practice some with him. We are all glad he got to play this year and hope he wants to play next year also. WAY to go StOrM!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Riley turns 7

Today is Riley's 7th birthday. Since today is Sunday we had his party yesterday. He requested that we do his party at the Pioneer park. It was a very nice day for an outside party. We took water guns and the kids all got wet which felt very nice. We also did a pinata and of course they played at the park. He wanted a Spiderman birthday. His cake was really cool. He was very excited to have some friends come. It's hard when your birthday is in the summer because so many people go out of town. BUT only 3 out of the 10 kids didn't come. Besides what his friends got him, this year he asked for a bike, a spiderman wii game and a Betta fish. We did get him a bike but not a spiderman wii game. Insead he got a cars and wall-e wii games. He was very excited. This morning on his actual birthday he got his Betta fish. He LOVES it. He named him Larry:-D Riley is such a sweet boy. He is SO smart and LOVES to learn. Russ took him out yesterday to ride his new bike. This is his first bike and it doesn't have training wheels. Russ helped him ride for about 30 mins and he already has it. He just needs to practice more. Way to go buddy. He enjoys playing T-ball and is getting better at hitting and catching. He for the most part is a joy to have in our family. We love him so much and feel very honored to be his parents. His sisters adore him too. HaPpY bIrThDaY rILeY!!! We sure do love you.