Thursday, August 11, 2011

First day of school 2011

WOW I can't believe how big my kids are.  Riley is going to 3rd grade this year---THIRD!!! He is getting so tall.  Why does it have to go so fast.  His teacher this year is Mrs. Bradshaw.  She seems very nice and I hope he loves her and his class.  He was VERY nervous about going back to school.  But when I dropped him off after finding his desk he said, "bye, see you later." Such a brave boy. 

Raegan is going into 1st grade.  Her teacher is Mrs. Taylor (same that Riley had for 1st).  We really liked her and Raegan was bouncing off the walls with excitement.  She had the count down going for months, weeks, days.  FINALLY it came.  She was awake (by herself) at 6:45.  When I dropped her off in her class I thought she would just kick me out the door and be fine.  WELL,  as I was getting ready to leave she came up to me with tear filled eyes and said, "do you have to leave me mommy?"  OH MAN!! Not what I expected.  I about lost it.  But I stayed strong and just said "yes the mommies have to leave.  You'll be just fine." 

Every year when school starts I am always SOOOO ready for it.  Then the day it happens I realize it's way harder than I think.  Raegan will be gone all day and Reese and I realize today how much we miss her and Riley.  I hope that the first day is the best ever.  (I'll find out in about 1 hour).