Friday, April 29, 2011

Row your boat

Riley is doing so great at piano. He actually really likes it. He has stuck to it and is improving all time. He had his second recital last night. HUGE improvement from last time. The songs he played were Surprise Symphony and Row Row Row Your Boat. He even memorized Row Your Boat. Good job buddy. We are so proud of him.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Reesie's 3rd Birthday!!

Reese was SO excited for her birthday this year. She had been talking about it for months. Every time we would make something in the kitchen she wanted to know if we were making her birthday party. She would often be heard singing "OH YEAH OH YEAH it's my birthday." I think the thing she was MOST excited for was her birthday cake. She couldn't stop talking about it. FINALLY the day came. We headed to Basha's and straight to the bakery. We flipped threw the book of cakes. There it was Dora Princess. It took her two seconds to decide and she never changed her mind not once.

Her Dora invites that mom made

Her morning present--dress up shoes

YAY balloons


She had a little party with like 4 of her friends. She was thrilled they all came just for her. They colored pictures.

Just toooo cute

Blowing out the candle

Eating the frosting

Hannah and Reese

Ninna and Reese

Daddy and Reese

Mommy and Reese

She LOVED opening her presents. She got a computer from mom and dad.

She was so sweet to hug her friends and say thank you when she was done.

She got a Tangled doll from Hannah and new dress up dresses from Ninna.

The weather was great so we did bubbles outside and played games. Her favorite is duck duck goose. We also did London bridges.

We were all excited for her. It was sweet to watch her be so excited. I love this age because they start to remember things and understand more. She had a great day. Thanks to everyone who came by, sent cards, and called it really meant a lot to her.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

California March 2011

While we were in California for Spring Break we tried to do a few fun things with the kids. It rain almost the entire time we were there. The kids had fun just playing in grandma's yard. They found TONS of snails. They also enjoyed PLAYING AND PLAYING with cousins.
Raegan in grandma's back yard

Reese eating rain (yeah she's special)

Riley's big snail

More snails


Cousin Joshy-wa-wa

Now that is ALOT of ice cream

Hiding after eating LOTS of ice cream

Grandma and Grandpa Sipes house

Raegan picking lemons from grandma's tree

Looking for sharks off the pier

Daddy and Reese

Sweet cousins (Riley and Sawyer)

Pimpin Riley

Maile and Raegan all dressed for grandma's funeral

The rest of these are at the Children's Museum in San Luis. The kids and I had never been to one. OH MY GOODNESS!! So much fun in one place. We loved it there. What a great experience for the kids.

And we finally got one day without rain so my kids were dying to go to the beach. Avila Beach.