Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our Halloween Party

Last night we had a fun Halloween party. Everyone that came dressed up which was so fun. I'm so glad everyone came and had a good time. Russ is always the life of the party and kept everyone laughing. We will for sure have another one next year. Don't you LOVE Melindas costume?? So cute. It was perfect.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween cake pops

I made these Halloween cake pops for the kids teachers. I do try and SHARE stuff with their teachers because I really appriciate all they do with my kids. It is truly a relief to know that their teachers care about them and want them to do well at school. They both have wonderful teacher. HaPpY hAlLoWeEn.

Fun stuff

I made this pumpkin and tree for some fun decorations. They are made out of 2x4's and scrapbook paper. Held all together with Gorilla glue. That stuff it awsome.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

What little girls are made of

My girls are SO fun. I am so glad that we have two girls right together. I remember playing with my sisters for HoUrS. Raegan is every girls dream BiG sIsTeR. She is so good to Reese (who in return is not always so nice back). Raegan has AlWaYs been a girly girl. She is very into dressing up and wearing make-up. I think Reese is following in her footsteps. The other day they wanted the make-up down. After they both found the perfect outfits *yeah you like Reesie's? That would be one of Rae's old dance costumes* The two girls had some fun with their make-up. It brought back such fun memories of me and my sisters. I love these sweet faces. You girls look FaBuLoUs!!

SoCcEr 2010

Riely and Raegan are both playing soccer this year. This is Riley's 3rd year playing and I have to admit that he is NO better than the first year he played. BUT he LoVeS to play and be apart of a team. This year his team is the purple jets. He is usually ThE lAsT kid chasing the ball, and he takes his job as goal defender VeRy serious. He doesn't move from his spot even to get the ball that is coming straight at him. He got to be the goalie last game and he did very good and watched for the ball to come. I'm so glad that he likes to play and that it makes him feel important and needed.

This is Raegan's first year playing. Her team is the yellow stripes. Her coachs are Amber and Bob Threlkeld. She likes it OK. She doesn't like to run and she has gotten hurt at a game and practice so now she is a little worried about playing. She doesn't like getting hurt and she says "I don't like to play with the boys. They hurt me." SaD!! But she too enjoys to be apart of the team and knows how important it is to be there and try hard for her team. This last game she ran really hard and AlMoSt kicked the ball into the goal. Mel and I love to go and watch the kids play. And as you can see from the picture Reese just likes to be where ever we all are. She is really good to sit and be entertained while we are at the games.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Window of LOVE

My friend was getting rid of this window and I took it and gave it some TLC!! It reminds me of President Monson's talk to the Relief Society sisters. He said we should make sure our own windows are clean before we judge anyone else. We should always see LOVE when we look out of our PERSONAL windows and SEE others the way our Heavenly Father sees them. It was a great talk and I will always remember that. It is defiantly something I need to improve on.