Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wish they all could be California GIRLS

My Raegan LOVES to dance and preform. On March 20th she had her dance review concert. It was awesome. All the performers did such a great job. I have to say she was stinkin' cute. Their class did their dance to California Girls by the Beach Boys. Russ got to go and watch her which was her favorite part. Also, Ninna and the girls came. It meant a lot to her to have her family there. She got some roses from mom and dad and Ninna got her some balloons and a ballerina figurine. Raegan is a natural on stage and never seems to be nervous. She got to go to the salon and get her hair cut before her performance--so mom could "flip" her hair out. She loves to get her hair done. We sure do love our California girl.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Reesie's BIG bOnK!!!

On Saturday Reese pulled a kitchen chair up to the island to help Russ make dinner. We have bar stool type chairs--they are extra high. She think she can get up and down and back up again without any help. She is pretty good at it but it makes me so nervous to watch her. Well, she did it. She fell right on her face. Russ picked her up and I ran over to them. I instantly saw the blood--on the outside of her mouth just under her lip. Her tooth went threw her lip--disgusting!! I had to walk into the pantry and catch my breath. I am NOT good in stressful situations. Thank heavens Russ was here and is awesome in stressful situations. He told me it was a HUGE cut and needed stitches. I called for someone to sit with Riley and Raegan so we could take her to the ER. We have a clinic but it was already closed. I really didn't want my baby to have a huge ugly scar right on her mouth. SO after some thought and a few tears from me we decided to super glue it and just let it heal. I hope that was the right choice. Our friend Bridger works in the ER and had the "real" skin glue. He was more than willing to come over and help us glue her together. Thank-you so much Bridger. Today, Monday, it looks pretty good. She has picked at the glue and it is almost off. I hope it is healed enough it won't open again. I would have to pass out if I had to deal with that again.

Friday, March 5, 2010


My Reese is so cute. SHE LOVES SHOES!!! She insists on picking out her shoes every day. Then she changes them at least 12 times a day. If anyone takes their shoes off--watch out--she will take them. I had to get a couple of pictures of this one. Reese in her pajamas with Raegan's cowgirl boots on. OH she loves boots. If she sees someone else wearing boots she will always notice and say "boots".

She is also so into coloring, drawing, gluing. She will do that for hours. It is so cute to watch her concentrate on doing a good job. She mostly makes tiny little circles.

Yesterday when we dropped Raegan off she kept saying, "sissy, where's sissy" I told her she was at school and she got all sad. She said, "why, mom why" it was sad. Then I decided to take her to "school". On Thursday's at the library they do reading time. They read books, sing, dance and make a craft. She thought she was hot stuff going to school too. She was shy and stayed by me the whole time but I am hoping as we go more she will get more involved.
Back to the shoe thing. When we were at the library I was thinking to myself dang it her shoes are on the wrong feet. Because of course she had to do her shoes herself. I went to switch them and....yup two black Sunday shoes....both different....and both the same foot. NICE!!! I'm such a good mom!!! HEEHEE

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Dr. Seuss Day

My Riley is just so stinkin cute. Yesterday he said to me, "mom I sure hope dad gets tomorrow off from the academy, because it's a holiday." I said, "I don't think he does, tomorrow is not a holiday." He said, "yes, it is, it's Dr. Seuss day." HAHA so funny. He was still convinced this morning while we were getting ready for school that today there was no school because of the "holiday".

HaPpY dR. sEuSs DaY--I hope you get the day off!!

Oh and I have to add last night when Riley was talking to Russ on the phone before bed, Russ asked him what was wrong with his sister? (Raegan was throwing a huge fit and screaming and crying because they were not being good so I didn't read them books) Riley said, "Dad, it is a nightmare you won't believe what happened."

One more funny Riley story so I don't forget. We had just finished saying prayers and Riley said the prayer. Right after that we called Russ. Russ answered the phone and Riley said "Dear Heavenly Father". We all were laughing so hard except Russ because he had no idea what was going on. HAHAH!!! Love you Riley boy!!