Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kindergarten--NO MORE!!

My baby is getting so big. At this time last year I was stressing about who he would get for a kindergarten teacher. If he would have morning or afternoon. If he would do OK being away from me for so long each day. If he would be a good student. If he would make friends. NOW--sitting here today I can say that his kindergarten year was so good. He had an AWESOME teacher--Mrs. Romney. She is the best and I highly recommend her to anyone. He made so many new, fun friends that I hope he stays friends with next year. He did SOOO good in all areas in school. He got 100% on his progress reports. He is reading--BY HIMSELF. It is amazing to hear him. He writes VERY GOOD. I am so proud of my little man. The graduation was on May 22nd. It was really fast and fun to watch. I had a hard time seeing Riley because there was so many people and kids. They sang some songs and got a little certificate. He is really glad it is summer and pretty nervous to start 1st grade. His 1st grade teacher is Mrs. Taylor. I don't know anything about her--only that she has taught for a long time. It was a hard day for me--but one I want to remember ALWAYS!!

It's hard to be so beautiful

So a couple of nights ago I was working on getting the kids ready for bed. They had gotten in their pj's and I was ready to read to them. Raegan came in the kitchen and she was crying and fussing about being hungry. I was telling her to stop crying and talk to me like a big girl (she was WAY tired). I turned my back to get something for her and when I turned back around she was crashed. It was so cute. I felt bad that first she was hungry when she went to bed that night, and second that she was that tired to begin with. I put her in bed and she slept all night. She has ALWAYS been my good sleeper. Even when she was a baby she slept threw the night. It is SOOOO hard to be the princess---RIGHT!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Videos from Raegan's graduation

Raegan graduates preschool

Raegan graduated from the Busy Bees preschool on Wednesday May 20th. It was a cute little program. She was so excited to graduate and have a "party." The kids sang 3 songs and her teacher gave her a cute bag that had some memory books and pictures from the year. She gave them a puzzle. Raegan loved going to preschool this year. She will go to that same preschool next year too. She did really well and we are so proud of her. We came home and had some balloons, a cake and a few fun things for her at home. We love you Raegan.

Mother's Day Luau

I got to go with Riley to the kindergarten Mother's Day Luau on May 7th. It was so much fun to see him perform his little songs. They did 3 different songs. They made us necklaces from flowers and straws, and the kids all made grass skirts. The kids did the limbo. That took forever because there was so many kids. They had Hawaiian dancers that performed. Then the kids served us cake and punch. Riley really liked showing me the things they have been working on. The teacher made a cute memory book for all the moms that had work the kids had done. It was really sweet. I really appreciate Riley's teacher and all that she has done to help Riley.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Raegan turned 4 on Sunday--but since it was Mother's Day and Sunday we had her party on Saturday. Raegan chose ladybugs for her theme. Mommy made ladybug invitations that she took to her friends. I also made ladybug cups and gift bags. They turned out cute. WAY cheaper than buying all the matching stuff on-line:) Raegan got a new Minnie Mouse dress from grandma and grandpa. This is what she chose to wear at the party. She also wanted her hair curled and make-up (her favorite thing). When her friends arrived we made birthday pictures with stickers, played pin the dot on the ladybug, and hit a pinata'. Of course Raegan's favorite part was opening prenents and eating ladybug cupcakes and icecream. Later daddy helped her fly her new "HUGE" fairy kite. She had a great day. She is a very special little girl. She is beautiful and smart. She LOVES dancing and being girly. She loves to help mommy in the kitchen and is a wonderful big sister. Our family is so blessed to have her. We love you Rae.

Monday, May 4, 2009

AlL aBoUt ReEsE

I wanted to share some things about Reese--since I didn't do it in her birthday post. She has changed so much since turning one. She says, "chicken" "ninna" and "OH" it is really cute. She loves for us to take her to see the chickens. She does NOT like the goats though. Nelly licked her foot once and now she is so scared of them. She loves to be outside.

She just started to fold her arms when we say the prayer. She thinks it is a game or something. She will sit there folding her arms with a huge smile on her face. She just learned to sign MORE. I love that. She does it all the time now. She is getting smarter and smarter every day. My favorite is she fake laughs, at everything. She also fake cries--which I don't like so much:) She loves to play peek-a-boo and stand up to everything. She also has started making messes. She wants to be into everything and throw stuff. The best thing is she LOVES to blow kisses. It is the cutest thing ever.

She is a delight and such a great baby. We love having her apart of our family. WE LOVE YOU REESE.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Raegan's dance

Raegan's big debut!!

Raegan had her dance reveiw last night. She has been loving ballet and tap. It was so cute to see her on stage and doing the things she has learned. She is a natural. She loves being on stage. We are very proud of you Raegan.