Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First day of school 2010

OK I know, I know, I have totally been a blog slacker. But there is no way I was not going to post today.

Back to school is always a bitter sweet day for me. I'm soooo ready for school to start again. I'm ready for my kids to be active and learning. I'm ready for everyone to be on a schedule again. Ready for going to bed early and getting up early.

BUT I'm not quite ready for my babies to be getting bigger. I really can't imagine that one day they will be going to high school. UGH!!! Riley is like a little mini man. He is so independent and confident. He pretty much thinks he is the boss--of everyone. He is also so very smart. It amazes me at how he can pick up any book and read it like it's memorized. AMAZING!! He must get that from Russ. This year he is going into 2nd grade. Last night Russ and I went and met his teacher, Mrs. Sims. She is wonderful. I really hope he warms up to her quickly. This is a big year I think. Not a little kid but not a big kid. Kindof in the middle. I hope he discovers who he wants to be and holds on to who he is now. Man he is so handsome.

Raegan is THRILLED to be going to kindergarten this year. It's all she has talked about since LAST year. She is so excited to meet her teacher Mrs. Slade today. She has asked at least 500 times if it's time to go yet. Raegan is also very independent and condifdent. But it is very differnent than Riley. She is more mature about her confidence. She KNOWS that she is a big girl and she KNOWS that she is a cutie pie. It is interesting to hear her interact with Reese. She is like a little mommy. Bossy when she needs to be but very loving and caring. She is such a good helper and plays sooo good with Reese. She has recently discovered how sassy she really can be and we are constently reminding her that she is beautiful but needs to ACT beautiful too. I hope that this year in school she will discover all kinds of fun new things. She is very social so I hope she learns more math and writing:-D

And Reese is just happy to be here. I'm sure she will love her one-on-one time with mom. We shall see.....