Monday, April 23, 2012

Family camping trip

Russ has been doing some trainings on 72 hour kits.  So, we have been working on our packs.  It's such a good thing to have ready to go at any minute.  He came up with a good idea a couple of weeks ago, that we should take our 72 hour packs and go camping over night.  We were pretty confident we would do fine.  Of course the kids were so excited for it.  So, Friday night we packed up and went down Pinedale road.  It was literally like maybe 12 miles from home.  Set up camp and ate a little bit.  We mostly ate oatmeal and Top Roman.  Not too bad for one day.  Russ took his hammock and Ninna and I slept in the tent with all the kids.  I have to say, I have not slept in a tent inside a sleeping bag in a very long time.  We have always had some kind of camp trailer.  I got a little claustrophobic for the first half of the night.  Before bed Riley got a little worried about weird noises and strange animals that might come into camp with us.  We assured him all would be fine.  So after NOT sleeping, at around 2 AM we heard a pack of coyotes howling VERY loud.  They were right in our camp, well very close to us.  We all shot up in bed.  Russ said we were fine but he got up and made a fire because honestly all the adults were cold.  All of us minus Reese who was pretty out, joined Russ by the fire.

The next morning Russ took the kids on a little hike.  All of the kids did so well.  They all got along and played nice.  It was a really good experience.  We kind of got a feel for what we might need and what we could live with out if we ever had to live off our 72 hour kits.  I'm glad we went and we are all looking forward to doing it again.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Reese's birthday party!!

 Ladybug invitations
 Crazy ladybug cake
 Ladybug cupcakes

 Table decorations
 Oh man she is so stinkin cute
 She wanted to pose with her presents

 Party time

Reese was a trooper this year.  She had to wait a whole day after her birthday to have her party.  THEN she had to wait all day to have her party at "the night time".  She invited her joy school friends and one little girl from church.  Of course it was a great time for everyone.  Mom made homemade cheese pizza.  Red fruit punch, strawberries and of course CANDY!!  The presents were her favorite.  She got a My Little Pony set that you can do their hair.  Daddy got her a sleeping bag, Ninna got her a game, she got Barbies, Littlest Pet Shop, Polly Pockets, puzzles, a book, a dance bag and other fun things.  Grandma and Grandpa Prestwich gave her new pajamas which she loves.

It is so fun as a parent to watch my kids get so excited about things.  Holidays and birthdays are one.  I think Reese ate way too much sugar and candy yesterday because she woke up at 10:00 last night and needed to sleep on mommy's floor.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Yesterday our baby girl turned FOUR!!! I can't believe it.  It happened way too fast.  She has been soooo excited for her birthday this year.  We have all been talking about it for weeks.  I made her a birthday countdown one week prior just to make it that much more exciting.  She loved it.  She got to rip off a new piece every night before bed.

One thing we have been working on with her is not sucking her thumb.  She made up her own mind that when she turned four she would be done sucking her thumb.  The other day she was helping me make something in the kitchen and she said, "when I turn four Jesus said I can't suck my thumb anymore.  He would help me."  Then she looked up at the ceiling and said, "I heard you Jesus, I heard you."  So sweet.  I think that is what it's going to take to break this really hard habit.  Yesterday she would stare at her thumb like she REALLY wanted to suck it but she knew she shouldn't.  Kind of sad.  This morning she gave in and has been sucking it all morning dang it.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY REESE!! We love you sooo much.  We are so lucky to have you in our family.  You are so funny, and silly.  You are loving and cuddly.  You are very smart and super sassy.  And we wouldn't trade you for anything in the world.

 She chose to do a ladybug birthday.  On her birthday she had joy school, so we made ladybug cupcakes.
 These are the ones she made.  She was laughing as she was putting the three eyes on.  She said they were alien ladybugs.  She told me that alien ladybugs are real because she saw one once and it was nice and gave her honey.  GOOD!!
Our beautiful baby girl who is getting so big.  Love you!!!

Our FIRST but not our LAST pinewood derby

 His scout leader, Christie giving him his award.  Yes, he loves when mom takes his picture.

On March 22, 2012 Riley did his first pinewood derby.  He and Russ made the perfect car--TOGETHER. Cut, trimmed, painted the works.  The day came and we were all excited.  Ninna came with us.  When it was Riley's turn he was always so particular how he put the car up.  He did a great job.  Poor buddy, his car came in last place almost every run.  The missionaries were the judges.  It was a lot of fun to watch the boys being so excited.  At the end they announced that Riley got 3rd place in show.  WHOO HOO.  It was so good for him to get an award.  He really is such a good, sweet boy.  He never complained or got mad that his car was last.  He just did it again and again.  GOOD JOB RILEY!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Raegan's Dino-rama April 2012

Today Raegan did her Dino-Rama.  She had to research a dinosaur and then write a paragraph telling about that dinosaur.  She also had to do a box with some of the info and create a scene.  I helped Riley with this project two years ago in first grade.  This year Russ is a little more available and really wanted to help her with this.  She collected the treasures and he made a cool volcano.  It turned out so good.  Raegan did a great job presenting her dinosaur.  

Here is a sneak at Riley's.  You can tell which parent is artistic.  Russ said by the time it's Reesie's turn her volcano will erupt at the push of a button.  Yeah we are progressing.  

Raegan's cheer camp

My Raegan LOVES being a cheerleader.  She has been taking a cheer class this year and really loves it.  The local cheerleaders put on a mini cheer camp and we signed Rae up to do it.  They got to spent the day with the cheerleaders and learn a couple of cheers  They got a T-shirt.  That night they got to cheer at a boy's basketball game.  I think Raegan died and went to heaven.  There is one cheerleader that is in our ward and Raegan was her little shadow following her around like a puppy dog.  She had a really good experience.  The next day after I did her hair I was watching her in the mirror and she said, "Mommy, will you puff my hair?"  Meaning, puff up the top just like the teenage cheerleaders.  I just smiled and threw my teeth said, "nope you're only 6.  Thanks though."

Christmas 2011

Christmas is always a good time at our house.  Of course the kids got totally spoiled.  This year Krystal and Justin got to come and Molly surprised us with a visit.  The girls got a DS with a game and an American doll.  Riley got a tablet and legos.  We feel very blessed during this time of year.  We have three great, healthy kids.  We have a wonderful home and Russ has a good job that he really enjoys.