Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas pictures

 Sweet Reesie Mae--age 4
 Happy girl Raegan--age 7
 Handsome boy Riley--age 9

I'm so lucky to be their mom.  I love my sweet kids.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween

 Reesie the butterfly
 Riley the ninja
 Raegan the pirate
My kids always love Halloween.  The night they always wait and wait for.  They all picked their own costumes and did a good job.  We usually just go trick-or-treating around the ward and neighborhood.  They get way more candy than I would ever want them to eat but it's a great time and great memories.

This year I was a slacker in getting out the decorations.  I didn't even carve pumpkins with them.  The night before Halloween I had the Citizens Academy until 10:00 so they had a babysitter.  When I dropped them all off at home they were begging the babysitter to carve pumpkins with them.  Sad I know.  But it was the best $20.00 I ever spent on a babysitter.  I started working in Oct. at Highland Primary and since then I don't feel like doing much of anything.  My house is in chaos. But I LOVE LOVE my job.  So I guess that pays off????

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Raegan cheer camp

Raegan loves doing this little cheer camp class.  It's an all day thing and this year they got to cheer at the varsity football game.  She thinks it's pretty cool.  I think she is pretty good at it.  In the video she is the one in the middle front.  At the end she is one that gets held up.  GO LOBOS!!

Happy Birthday Russ

Russ secretly loves his birthday.  Even though they are never super exciting it's always nice to have a day just for you.  He usually wants something yummy for dinner.  Then either German chocolate cake, strawberry pie or a pumpkin pie.  I won't mention how much of HIS pie he actually ate ALONE.  We are so blessed to have him.  He is such a hard worker and does everything for his family.  He is such a likable person and has a great way of reaching out and teaching people.  We love you babe.

OH boy I got JOY

Reese is in Joy School again this year.  It was great for her last year and she changed and learned so much.  She loves all of her friends and teachers.  This was the second week back and we went on a field trip to the Snowflake Fire Department.  All the kids had a great time.  We have nine kids this year (two are missing this day), and they are all super great kids.  Next year.......Kindergarten.  CRAP!!

Back to School AGAIN

 Sassy Rae OH SO CUTE!!

I can't believe my kids are back in school AGAIN!! WHY can't they just stay in kindergarten forever.  Riley is in 4th grade this year and going to the big school.  His teacher is Mrs. Porras who is really great so far.  What he loves most about 4th grade is the HUGE library and that he gets to walk to dad's office after school.

Raegan went to 2nd grade this year.  Her teacher is Mrs. Baldwin.  She loves everything about school.  She is a social butterfly.  Both of the kids are doing piano again this year and doing really great.  Riley has advanced to the purple books and Raegan in not far behind him.  Reagan and Reese also enjoy doing tumbling this year.  They both LOVE "gymnastics".  I really love to see my kids grow and change but it kills me time is going so fast.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pioneer TREK

This year Russ and I got asked to be "Ma" and "Pa" with the youth Pioneer Trek.  We were so excited when we found out that we got to go.  We knew it would be an awesome experience, but we had NO IDEA what we were in for.  Of course we got the BEST family we called ourselves the Super Sipes.  We LOVED our kids.  All of them.  They were all unique and so special in their individual ways.  Each had something special to offer our family.  The first day was the LONGEST, HARDEST day we have ever experienced.  We walked, and walked, and walked.  It was something crazy like 12 or 15 miles.  Those kids just pushed and pulled the whole way.  No complaining.  They did keep asking when they could eat which was heartbreaking because we didn't really know the answer.  Those kids inspired both of us to just keep on going.  During the first day after about 4 miles or so we did the women's pull.  This is when all the men and boys went to war and it was up to all the women to pull the carts.  Of course it was up hill a lot.  Before we started our girls gathered together and we said a pray that we could have strength to make it.  IT WAS HARD.  I remember just looking down at my feet thinking "one more step, just one more step."  If I looked up and saw how much I had in front of me I got sick.  Many girls and Ma's got sick.  Literally.  When we made it to the top there were so many tears of joy and happiness.  I heard many say they knew there were spirits helping up push those carts.  There is no other way to explain how it was possible.

The next day was a day of Pioneer fun.  Games, fry bread, taffy pulling, hair washing.  Later that night they did dancing.  It was dusty. I'm not sure how those kids could see or breath to dance at all but they did with smiles on their faces.

The last day was FHE and testimonies.  The kids presented the FHE to Ma and Pa and it was an amazing lesson.  For the testimonies I was a little nervous thinking no one would want to.  BUT ALL OF THEM DID.  They each had such a special testimony that strengthened me.  What wonderful youth we have today.  In a world where things are dark, and scary, to hear the testimonies of these awesome youth made my light and hope brighter.  THANK YOU!! I know we live in a good, strong community where parents teach and help their kids to know the gospel and to live it.  That was very apparent listening to and being with these kids.  We will forever be grateful for this experience.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


 4th Birthday
 5th Birthday
 6th Birthday
 7th Birthday
 8th Birthday
 9th Birthday invitations

 His cake that HE created.  We found lego candy and they were GOOD!!
 The spread
 More of the table

 Riley and Kalin
 Riley and Bryson
 Riley and Brennon
 Riley and Justin
 Riley and Traegan
 Riley and Logan
HAPPY BIRTHDAY--again!! We can't believe our baby boy is NINE!! SHEESH we are all getting so old.  Riley had a LEGO birthday this year.  He is so into LEGOS.  He had a great time celebrating with his friends. I sometimes feel so bad that his birthday is in the summer.  I feel like no one will come to his party--BUT all but one boy came.  It was fun for him.  We love our sweet, smart, full of fun and imagination BOY!!

Raegan's 1st grade program

Raegan and her 1st grade teacher Mrs. Taylor

Yes, Raegan looks like an orphan in this picture.  They had played at the park ALL morning and then did the program after that.  So her hair elastic broke at the park and her hair was wild.  But she is still super cute.  She LOVED Mrs. Taylor.  She didn't want to ever leave her.  She even got a little teary eyed on the last day of school knowing Mrs. Taylor wouldn't be her teacher again.  She did great this year and learned to read really quick and very good.  I'm so proud of her.

Last day of school 2012

Raegan last day of 1st grade. Mrs. Taylor's class.
 Riley last day of 3rd grade.  Last day ever at Highland Primary School.  Mrs. Bradshaw's class.
 Raegan first day of 1st grade.
Riley first day of 3rd grade.

My kids had a great year this year.  They both had great teachers and did great with their grades and school work.  This was Riley's last year at the Primary school.  He now will go to the Intermediate school.  He is excited about the library because it's so big.  Mom and dad can't believe he is going to 4th grade already.  I'm so proud of my kids and the little people they are becoming.  I love you.

Side note:  I thought there would be a big difference in the first of the year pictures and the end of the year pictures, but I don't really think there is much difference.  Raegan's hair is definitely longer now.  She looks older too.

One year older and wiser too

This is a little bit embarrassing.  This year I turned 34.  OUCH!! I only post this because the top two pictures are of me on my birthday this year and the bottom one was me LAST YEAR on my birthday.  UGH!! I wanted to see if there was much difference in my appearance.  When I see pictures of myself I always see the bad.  I always see how much MORE I have to do.  But looking at these pictures makes me realize how far I have come.  I think it's a huge difference.  Not just my appearance but how I feel about myself.  My weight loss accomplishments so far and how I KNOW I can and I KNOW I push myself everyday.  It's pretty sad really that I didn't THINK I could sooner.  Way to go Marcie and keep it up.  Next year will be even better.