Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Have you ever been to Hawaii???

Attention: ALL READERS!!!! Even if you are a blog stalker your comments are wanted. Russ and I have been planning a vacation to Hawaii for a while now. We will go next December (it will be our 10 year anniversary). We have been looking at a lot of options on line. There is so much to do and see it is almost overwhelming. SO--if any one has ever been to Hawaii that has any suggestions they are most welcomed. We can take a 14 day cruise and spend a few days on the island for the same price to fly and stay a couple of days. My idea is I don't want to be on a boat and get sick for that many days. I want to do as much on the island as we can. We don't know if we should just do tourist/romantic stuff-or do adventurous stuff. Whatever info you can give is appreciated.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Riley's first SoCcOr GaMe

Yesterday Riley had his first soccer game. It was....interesting. Poor buddy he looked so confused as to what the heck he was supposed to be doing.
When we cheered for him he would stop what he was doing and look at us. Then just smile and wave.
He did get to be the goalie. He LOVES being the goalie because they are the only ones that get to touch the ball with their hands. He stopped the ball two times. But on the third he was "wondering" and the ball went right in. No one knew where Riley went.
Here he is day dreaming of catching the ball:)
This picture captures his true enthusiasm for the game. He is hanging on the net. The team did really good once they started playing. Unfortunately, they lost 2-6.

He is so excited for soccer to start. He got a team shirt (not this one) and socks.
And shin guards.
And a ball.
His coach is is Drew Griffin. This is his first practice.

Randal gets to be his assistant coach. He was pretty excited about that. I asked Riley what his favorite part of soccer is and he said running, kicking, and being the goalie.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bowling with the -KIDS-

On Friday we took the kids bowling. Our family really enjoys bowling. It has been awhile since we went-so we were all a little rusty. We had a great time just being together.Riley waiting for his ball. His ball would go soooo slow. One time his ball actually stopped in the middle of the isle and started coming back to him:) We had to get the guy to go and get it for him.
Yeah I knocked down 7 pins.
Look at that bowling move!!!
This is a picture Riley took. His new found love and talent is photography. He loves it and does really good at it. We find pictures of all kinds of things. This day it was of bowling balls, the floor, the ceiling, OUR BUTTS-yes I will spare you those pictures!!! He once got a hold of my camera and took a picture of Russ peeing outside. It was hilarious. Of course you couldn't see anything but a stream of pee!!! Funny BOY.

Russ and I were really surprised at how well Raegan did she scored 80 points, that is really good considering mommy got 85.

Raegan wanted to do alot by herself. She would even try and get the ball down by herself-then she realized that she did need some help.

Friday, September 12, 2008

mY sIsTeR aNd Me

I love my baby sister Rebecca. We have always been good friends. Even when we were far apart. We would always talk and wished we could be closer. In June she and her family moved to Snowflake to be close to us. What a wonderful blessing this has been not just to me but to my kids. My kids adore their "auntie". I am so happy for them that they get to play with her and just be with her. She is such a fun person to be around. It is so hard when you live so far away from your family. NOTHING can fix that void you feel. Now having her here makes me SOOOO happy. I love being able to be an aunt to her kids and knowing them everyday. THANKS--you guys for moving here just for us:) We love you!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Outlaw Jamboree

Russ and his brother Richard just got back today from the Outlaw Jamboree in Eager, AZ. They left on Monday and rode 300 miles in three days. Richard came from California to go with his brother. Russ was so glad he could come and do this with him.
The first day (Wednesday) they got caught in the rain and hail. They were both cold and tired (not a good combo for my hunny). As you can see the quads took a beating.
Aren't they cute? But VERY dirty.
They saw some cool places and did some great trails.
They were excited to meet some cool people. They met a bunch of people with the last name Sipes. Interesting??? Thanks Teri and Maile for letting us have Uncle for a week so our daddy could have a nice break for a while.