Thursday, February 26, 2009

What Reese really does when we put her to BED!!

I had put Reese down for bed tonight. For some reason today she has NOT wanted to go to sleep. She has had a 1 hour nap all day. So, after I laid her down about 10 minutes later I heard her crying. I thought I would just let her cry for a bit and see if she would fall asleep. She stopped crying but then another 10 minutes later she started crying again. Again, I left her. Finally after like the fifth time hearing her--she had been in "bed" about 30 minutes now, Russ went in to get her up. This is how we found her. STANDING next to her bed. She was hollering because she had gotten up but couldn't do anything else. She was stuck there. How crazy. She is thinking she is so big latley. She will get up on her knees a little when she is crawling. The other day I caught her doing the stink-bug. She had her butt in the air and was looking threw her legs. Silly Reesie.

Funny Riley

The kids and I were at the dollar store a week or so ago. Riley saw some HULK hands. You put your hands inside and they are like boxing gloves. They make some cool noises and he has wanted a pair for a while now. We were there to buy gifts for someone else, so he knew he couldn't have them. This is what he said as he has the hands on his. "Oh mom, look at these. I have wanted a pair of these for years." I just laughed.

Well his morning he saw his remote controlled car that has been sitting on the counter charging. He sees it and says, "There's my car. I haven't played with it in years." How funny huh? What does he think "years" means. Like a really long time? LOL

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

10 Months Young

My baby is 10 months old already. I really can't believe how fast the time has gone. She is such a fun baby. She is getting a little sassy. Like when she doesn't want Riley or Raegan to "bug" her she will scratch at them and holler. It's pretty funny. She is such a joy to our family. We all adore her. She knows ExAcTlY what she wants all the time. If she doesn't get it--WATCH OUT!!
Thank-you Krystal for helping me get some pictures of her. It was lots of fun. I got this dress and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Riley's world

Riley LOVES to take my camera and start snapping pictures. He will take like 50 pictures of totally random stuff. I didn't realize he had taken my camera until I downloaded my pictures. I think all of these pictures say alot about who Riley is. I thought I would share. He is such a funny boy. This is such a sweet picture. It's a little washed out though.

Riley LOVES his daddy. He loves it when Russ plays with him. Sometimes if Riley is having a "hard" day he just wants Russ to talk to him. I think it is really sweet.

He loves to draw, create, color, puzzles, cut, glue, make his own super hero books. He had hung pictures that he had drawn ALLL over his walls in his bedroom. He knew what each picture was. Mom finally wanted to touch-up the paint so I took them all down. Sad day for Riley.

He loves his room. These are a few pictures he took of his room.

Train pictures. He loves trains-like his daddy.

His name that mommy made for him.

Of course you can't think of Riley without thinking SuPeRhErOs. He loves any and all superheros. He dresses up as them and thinks he is one.

All of is hero's.

His sister Raegan. Most of the time these two are fighting like cats and dogs, but sometimes I will hear them playing and being so nice and sweet to each other. He loves his imagination. This is a picture I took of him this morning. I asked him who he was today and he said, "A Power Ranger." How creative huh? My hunny boy is one of a kind. He has attitude and is very stubborn-but as you can see he is a very special, wonderful boy. I LOVE YOU RILEY.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Raegan the ballerina

Showing me her moves.

I HAD to get a picture of the back of her because her hair was so cute that day.

Another "ballet" move.

Ready to go to ballet.

My Raegan is such a "natural" when it comes to dance. She LOVES it. She walks around the house singing and doing her ballet. So, when dance classes started I put her in a ballet, tap, jazz class. She absolutely loves it. She got to get her very own ballet shoes and tap shoes. She wears them around the house always. What a sweet, fun girl to have as the oldest girl. I always wanted to be a dancer when I was little, and I hope she always loves it and does well at it.
Riley is taking a tumbling class again. He really enjoys it. This time around he is the only boy in his class--which he wasn't so sure about. What a funny boy. I think he is well rounded--liking tumbling and being such a boy too. I love watching my kids be active and do well in different things.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Riley's "date"

Russ and I have started something with the kids. It started with Randal. Randal is a very good student. He has gotten pretty much straight "A's" since we got him. Which was a huge change from before we got him. We wanted to reward him in some way for his good work. We decided to take him out on a "date." Now that Riley is in school we have started this with him. On his first progress report he didn't get ALL good marks. Now, he is only in Kindergarten and he does REALLY GOOD. On his second progress report he got perfect marks. We told him mommy and daddy would take him on a date. He was really excited. I think this really encourages them to do their best. I don't want them to feel like we expect too much from them, but that we support their efforts.

We let him choose where we went to eat. He chose Kabuki's (with a little "suggestion" from daddy.) It is a Japanese steak house. SOOO GOOD!!! We ate Teppanyaki style. He loves all the fire. He ate a TON of food.

After dinner we took him to get ice cream. Then went over to the arcade. He loved playing all the games. I got a couple of really cute pictures of him and Russ playing the games. He liked the special attention with just mom and dad and I think he felt pretty special. It was also fun for Russ and I to be alone with just him.