Tuesday, June 19, 2012


 4th Birthday
 5th Birthday
 6th Birthday
 7th Birthday
 8th Birthday
 9th Birthday invitations

 His cake that HE created.  We found lego candy and they were GOOD!!
 The spread
 More of the table

 Riley and Kalin
 Riley and Bryson
 Riley and Brennon
 Riley and Justin
 Riley and Traegan
 Riley and Logan
HAPPY BIRTHDAY--again!! We can't believe our baby boy is NINE!! SHEESH we are all getting so old.  Riley had a LEGO birthday this year.  He is so into LEGOS.  He had a great time celebrating with his friends. I sometimes feel so bad that his birthday is in the summer.  I feel like no one will come to his party--BUT all but one boy came.  It was fun for him.  We love our sweet, smart, full of fun and imagination BOY!!

Raegan's 1st grade program

Raegan and her 1st grade teacher Mrs. Taylor

Yes, Raegan looks like an orphan in this picture.  They had played at the park ALL morning and then did the program after that.  So her hair elastic broke at the park and her hair was wild.  But she is still super cute.  She LOVED Mrs. Taylor.  She didn't want to ever leave her.  She even got a little teary eyed on the last day of school knowing Mrs. Taylor wouldn't be her teacher again.  She did great this year and learned to read really quick and very good.  I'm so proud of her.

Last day of school 2012

Raegan last day of 1st grade. Mrs. Taylor's class.
 Riley last day of 3rd grade.  Last day ever at Highland Primary School.  Mrs. Bradshaw's class.
 Raegan first day of 1st grade.
Riley first day of 3rd grade.

My kids had a great year this year.  They both had great teachers and did great with their grades and school work.  This was Riley's last year at the Primary school.  He now will go to the Intermediate school.  He is excited about the library because it's so big.  Mom and dad can't believe he is going to 4th grade already.  I'm so proud of my kids and the little people they are becoming.  I love you.

Side note:  I thought there would be a big difference in the first of the year pictures and the end of the year pictures, but I don't really think there is much difference.  Raegan's hair is definitely longer now.  She looks older too.

One year older and wiser too

This is a little bit embarrassing.  This year I turned 34.  OUCH!! I only post this because the top two pictures are of me on my birthday this year and the bottom one was me LAST YEAR on my birthday.  UGH!! I wanted to see if there was much difference in my appearance.  When I see pictures of myself I always see the bad.  I always see how much MORE I have to do.  But looking at these pictures makes me realize how far I have come.  I think it's a huge difference.  Not just my appearance but how I feel about myself.  My weight loss accomplishments so far and how I KNOW I can and I KNOW I push myself everyday.  It's pretty sad really that I didn't THINK I could sooner.  Way to go Marcie and keep it up.  Next year will be even better.