Thursday, July 31, 2008

All About Me!!


Name/meaning behind it: Riley/Russ really liked it

Age: 5

Birthdate: June 6, 2003

Nicknames: Brother Bear, Hunny Boy

Favorite activity(ies): riding his scooter, like to be silly, watch movies

Favorite food(s): pizza, macaroni and cheese

Least favorite food(s): nuts I don't like nuts, umm, potatoes and tomatoes that's it

Favorite music: Batman

Favorite toy(s): The Joker, all superheros

Favorite book(s): Thomas goes fishing

Favorite items of clothing: Batman shirt

What makes me happy: When I be like Batman

What makes me sad: when you be mad at me (mom)

Tags: Hunter Stewart, Cade Filippone, and Anya Lyman


Friday, July 25, 2008

Camping at the cinders

Raegan in her pretty "green" helmet.
Riley LOVES riding his quad. He is so good at it too.
Daddy even let Riley drive the Ranger. He could steer good but couldn't reach the peddles
Reesie was a perfect baby of course. She loved riding in the Ranger. She fell asleep every time we went any where. As soon as we stopped she would wake up. It was really funny.
Here is Raegan after a long hard day of getting dirty. She is so silly.

More from the cinders

This is hundred dollar hill. It looks crazy. I know if we had not been with Russ he would have gone up this.

The views were beautiful. We saw 2 deer, 3 antelope, and lots of squirrels.

Yup that is us riding along in the good ol' Ranger. We strapped Reesie into her car seat. We went on a couple of steep hills. Mommy was a nervous wreck the whole time. But Riley and Raegan laughed their heads off. The cinders are in Flagstaff. It was so much fun just to take the toy hauler and 4-wheelers. The kids had a blast. There are alot of hills but also lots of empty space where we felt ok with Riley riding his quad without hitting anything. We were also close enough to town that we could go eat a couple of times. Lots of fun.

24th celebration

Raegan, Payton Stewart, Riley, and Hunter Stewart all ready for the parade

This year for the 24th parade we did a Muddy Boys float. We had a lot of fun decorating our big delivery truck. We had all the kids wear their Muddy Boys shirts. We had super soakers for them to spray people. It was fun to see everyone having a good time. The theme was Pioneer women. We choose Betsy Ross. Our friend Jill Stewart made our cool Betsy Ross banner. She did a great job. Check out her website here. It was a good time.

Riley's first sleep over

Riley had his first official sleep over this last week. Our friends the Stewarts came up for the 24th celebration. Riley and Hunter have been friends since they were babies. We used to be neighbors when we lived in the valley. Riley was so excited to have Hunter sleep in his room. When I got the sleeping bag out for Hunter, Riley decided that he wanted to sleep on the floor in the sleeping bag. What a nice friend huh? I thought it was sweet that he wanted to be with his little friend. They played so hard and slept so good.

Reesie Mae the thumb sucker

Reese had been sucking on her hands for weeks. She finally found her thumb. She LOVES it. We try to encourage her to take her binkie but she prefers her thumb. I secretly think it is adorable to see her sucking on it. I never thought I would have a thumb-sucker. I hope it doesn't' become a bad habit for her.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Quotes from my kids!!

Riley-"mom, is Jesus a superhero?"

Raegan-"look mom, a cock-a-dooa" (aka: rooster)

Riley and Raegan-"it's toady" (cold)

Raegan-"I want to ride in thee truck. I want thee red cup." Also if you ask her a question and the answer is yes she says YES, not yup or yea it's always very pronounced "YES"

Riley- last night for FHE we were talking about our favorite Bible stories. We have a story book of Jonah and the whale that we read about every other night. So when it was Riley's turn he said, "God sent Jonah to Nineveh to fix a bad condition. Then the sailors threw Jonah off the boat. God sent a great, big whale that swallowed Jonah. Then God told the whale to spit out Jonah." He made a spitting noise like he was the whale. How funny.

Raegan-"mom I love you" she says she loves everyone at least 5 times a day.

Raegan-"I love yur baby" or "I love yur dress" what ever she likes she says "I love yur..."

My favorite-Riley-"Mom, will you just chill out please?!?!"

Raegan-"Can I help" this is usually said about helping mommy cook something.

Riley-"Aunt Becca your my favorite aunt." aunt Becca-"Why am I your favorite aunt." Riley-"because your are so pretty."

Raegan-"Mom, Riley did..." you fill in the blank it can be anything.

Riley-"Mom, you wanna fight huh, cause I'll do it" after a few ninja moves he says, "you still wanna fight?"

Raegan and Riley were playing together in the other room. They were being pretty good. Then I hear Raegan crying and Riley saying "sorry, sorry, sorry." Raegan said, "it's not OK it's not OK." Riley is famous for doing mean things and saying "it was an accident."

Sunday, July 13, 2008

3 months old already

Our little baby is already 3 months old. And I know you have all heard this many times before. But, it is going so fast. She is getting so big. We love her so much. She is such a joy to our family. She is the sweetest baby ever. She loves to smile at all of us. She is talking to us so much. She loves her bouncy seat that has fishes on it she thinks that they are her own little personal friends. She smiles and coos at them always. I am happy to say this last week she has started sleeping in her big crib. She only wakes up once a night. Hoo-ray good girl. She looks like she wants to roll over already. I can't say enough about her, she is such a wonderful, beautiful baby. WE LOVE YOU REESE!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I've been tagged

My toilet-of course the lid is ALWAYS up!!!
My kitchen sink-good thing I did the dishes this morning
My fridge
Inside my fridge-yup we like to eat
Self portrait-Good thing I have not showered this morning-YIKES!!!

I've been tagged

My laundry room
My closet-what a mess
My favorite room is Raegan' s room-it turned out so cute
My favorite shoes -of course they are flip-flops

My favorite vacation would be Hawaii

I tag Melinda, Sandii, and Teri-hehe

Hope you all had a good laugh. That was fun but HOW EMBARASSING.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

My two beauties

This is Raegan and Reese in their matching church dresses. They look so cute.

Daddy's new T-O-Y

This is Russ's new toy. A Polaris ranger. He has wanted one for awhile. His 30th birthday is coming up so he got one yesterday. With gas prices so stinking high he (we) can drive it around town and save on gas. It seats six and last night our whole family piled in and drove to the rodeo. We just stick all the car seats in and go. It is really fun to drive. The kids LOVE it. They think they are on a roller coaster ride. Thanks daddy!!

4th of July fun

We had a great 4th of July weekend. On Friday we went to the parade in Show Low. It was pretty good. Then we packed a lunch and went fishing again. It was really hot. We all had a great time. My sister Rebecca and her family moved here and so we went to the parade and fishing with them and Russ's sister Melinda and niece Molly. Then yesterday we had a big bbq again with our families. Then there was a rodeo last night and fireworks afterwards. Reese was so good during the rodeo-she didn't fuss at all. We thought she wouldn't like the fireworks but she did. She just sat there quiet and watched. She also loves to watch tv-it's kind of funny. We have taken her to several movies and she has done awesome. I really love the 4th of July. It helps us all remember that we are so blessed to be in a free country. That we can be the people we want to be and remember those who have sacrificed everything to give us that freedom we enjoy.