Saturday, January 31, 2009

King Louie

We had gotten some books from the library and this is a conversation I heard between Aunt Ninna and Riley.

Ninna: "Hey buddy did you take your books back to the library?"

Riley: "Yup but they were closed. Because it is King Louie's birthday."

Ninna: "Who is King Louie."

Riley: "You know Dr. Martin Luther King-yeah it's his birthday."

Friday, January 30, 2009


Today Reese got her very own package in the mail. It was from her auntie Teri from California. She sent Reese the CUTEST shoes and leg warmers I have ever seen. We love hand-me-downs. Her daughter Maile is always dressed so stylish. So we were defiantly grateful to take these shoes off her hands. THANK-YOU auntie we love you and our new shoes.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Riley's homework

Riley is very particular about his "work". He has always been very creative and crafty. He LOVES coloring, cutting, glue, staples, whatever he can get his little hands on. When he brings homework home it is the first thing to get done. It makes me happy that he enjoys doing homework. He usually only has homework on Friday's--but yesterday he came home with one paper to do. He was supposed to color each animal a different color (the color that is says on the animal). He brought it to me to put in his back pack for him. I looked at it and thought "that looks good--but what the heck is all the red?" So I was telling him what a good job he did and he said, "I wanted my animals to be "super" animals so I put capes on them." Holy cow I had to laugh. I sent a note to his teacher explaining that I thought it was cute and very creative. She told him at school that she loved it and gave him a piece of candy. Good thing she has a good scense of humor. What a funny kid.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Scootn' Reesie

Reesie turned 9 months on the 17th, I know it is crazy but true. She has mastered sitting up and is now a champ. Rolling over, check, two teeth on top, check, two teeth on bottom, check, check. She has not had ANY interest in crawling....until yesterday. She just started scooting in the morning and by last night she had it down. I got a video so I will always remember the day my baby started scooting. She does it all the time now. She will be crawling before we know it. I have not really wanted that day to come. For some reason I have just wanted her to stay small and enjoy every second of that. OH WELL!!! They have to grow up sometime. She is such a joy and we all just love her so much. She sleeps good, and eats good, she is starting to get a little temper. I sometimes call her little HULK because she starts to shake and scream--it's pretty funny. She sometimes says mama and the cutest thing is she shouts for Riley. It is WAY cute. She will mimic me when I say "RILEY" she will then shout out something that sounds like Riley. She adores her brother. He can make her smile and laugh at the drop of a hat. Raegan too. She just wants to be down playing with them. I am so grateful to have such wonderful kids. I know I take it for granted sometimes--but I am truly blessed.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hello fashion police!!

So, I have to post about this before I forget all about it. Raegan is always on my case about what I wear. If I am getting out of the shower and she is in there she will always say, "what are you going to wear today?" "I want you to wear...something pretty, I want you to wear that pretty pink shirt." Well if you know me at all you know that my favorite thing to wear is a Muddy Boys t-shirt and comfy pants. Well I got out of the shower and was getting dressed (in my usual) Raegan said, "No mom PAALEEESSSEE (said just how it sounds) don't wear a Muddy Boys t-shirt it is so ugly." Like who does she think she is that she can tell me what to wear and not to wear. Oh and another thing is she always wants me to put my make-up on. The other day Russ and I were going on a "date" and of course Raegan was right in the bathroom telling me what was appropriate and not. She looked at me and said, "mom you need to do your make-up, because you need to look really pretty for daddy." I don't think Russ even notices anymore. I think it's cute that she notices the small things. She keeps me looking FABULOUS!!! Thanks Raegan.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Two more Teeth

Last night I was holding Reese and for some reason she tipped her head back and I saw her two top teeth have come threw. CRAZY!!! I knew they were swollen but I didn't know they were threw yet. These ones were WAAAYYY easier on her than the first two. She hasn't even been cranky. Now she has 4 total teeth.

By-the-way-Reesie LOVES the toddler bed. The last 5 nights she has slept threw the night for the first time since she has been born. YAY!!! She does awesome at nap time too. Just rolls over and goes to sleep.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I LOVE these girls so much. It is so fun to see them growing up together. Raegan loves her baby sister so much and always wants to play with, talk to, hold her sister. Reesie is in love with her brother and her sister. She is so lucky to have an older brother who adores her. I always wanted a brother when I was growing up. Anytime Riley comes around her she laughs and smiles at him. Yesterday when I got Reesie out of the bath Raegan wanted to brush her hair. It was so sweet watching the two of them. Reese didn't mind at all that Raegan was "making her pretty." It reminded me of my baby sister. We have such a good friendship and I miss her like crazy. We would play together for hours and hours and hours. I LOVED having sisters when I was growing up. I hope that Reese and Raegan will be close friends and good sisters always.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


My baby says Mama. It is so cute. When she wants me (which is most of the time) she will start to whine and say "mama." I love it. She is so cute and so much fun. We also just moved the toddler bed into our room. She has gotten into a bad habit of sleeping with mom and dad while we have had company here for Christmas and New Years. She hates the play pen and her crib is on the other side of the house. This is not an OK situation for mom because she wakes up I swear every hour. SO me being so smart--put the toddler bed in my room. She loves it and slept there all night. She still woke up alot but at least she was in her own bed and not mine. YEY!!!

Fun in the SNOW!!!

Riley had a smile the whole time.

"Let's go again."

Riley coming down the hill.Payton and Raegan trying to figure out how to make it go again:)
Russ looks hot in this picture. WEEEEEE!!! That was fun.

Reesie's turn.
Go Riley Go!!
Hold on tight little baby.

We had our friends Jill and Cameron here, from the valley, for New Year's. We had a lot of fun, as usually, with them. Our kids are all about the same age and they all get along great. On Friday on their way home we took the kids to play in the snow. Our family's last attempt to do this was on Christmas Day and we ended up stuck in snow for 4 hours. No one got to play at all because we got stuck before we even found a "good" snow spot. Not fun with a bunch of kids. This time we went up by Sunrise and they have a bunch of sledding hills. It was very crowded but everyone had a blast. We had enough sleds for all the kids to each have one so they just kept sliding down then going back to the top to go again. I sat most of the time in the car with Reesie because she and I have had runny noses. But, we even let Reese take her turn on the sled with daddy. I don't think she really got it--she showed no emotion what so ever. The kids kept crashing and falling off. But, they just jumped back up and wanted to go again. The last ride down Russ piled Payton, Raegan, and Riley (in that orded) on a sled and sent them down the hill. They hit a bump and Raegan's head hit Riley's nose. They both fell off and Riley got a bloody nose. Payton went on to the end of the hill like nothing even happened. I wish I could have seen that one. Riley didn't even cry he just stood up and went on his way. I'm glad that the kids got to have a good experience with their friends before school starts again---tomorrow WOOOWHOOO!!!