Thursday, July 7, 2011

Riley gets baptized

 Grandpa and a few of the girls.  He's so cute.  And so are the girls.
 Raegan and Aleigh.  We were teasing that they look like twins.  We couldn't tell them apart most of the time.
 Riley and the boys.  Uncle Jesse, cousin Justin, uncle Sol, daddy, and grandpa.  Grandpa Mike is missing from ALL the pictures.  Stinker.
 Everyone.  Wow that's a lot of people.
 Our family.  Reese was being silly.  Oh wait Raegan too.
 The two most handsome boys ever.  Love my boys.
 Riley and cousin Koleiar.  Little trouble makers when they are together.  But they love each other so much.
 Me and my handsome little man.
 Me and two of my sisters.  Rebecca and Kaylee.
Me and my dad and step-mom Deb.

What a wonderful time for our family.  We are so proud that Riley chose to be baptized.  What a huge blessing in his life.  He is defiantly ready and able to be the kind of boy Heavenly Father wants him to be.  We were very blessed to have so many family and friends there with us.  The day was pretty perfect.  The week before the baptism Russ and I got to go to Vegas for a police training.  It was SOOOO nice to get away.  My dad and step-mom came the whole week and stayed with my kids.  It was so wonderful to have them here.  My kids had a blast and made some great memories.  Thanks guys.  Then on Thurs. my mom and step-dad Mike came and my little sister Kaylee.  On Friday my sister Rebecca and her family came.  Also, Russel's sister Robin and her family, and Krystal and Justin, Ninna, Hannah, and Molly.  Yes we had a house full, and it was awesome.  THANK YOU everyone.  Others that I want to remember were there are The Larsons, The Ellisons, The Silverhorns, Sue Smith, Paula Vangeesen, The Hoyts, Chad Scussel, The Hollands, The Rencher girls, The Jeppesen's, Brother Barin, it really meant a lot that you were all there.

Raegan graduates kindergarten

 Raegan and her friends.  This was the day before graduation.  Track and field day.
 Beautiful girl.  Dang I miss her long hair.
 Singing her songs.
 Raegan and her teacher Mrs. Slade.
Raegan and Mrs. Burton.  The calss helper.

Raegan is so excited to be going to 1st grade.  She got Mrs. Taylor (same teache Riley had for 1st grade).  She had wonderful teachers this year.  She really learned and grew this year in Kindergarten.  We are proud of her.  She got into all the clubs like ABC, 100, and sight words.  She loved going and being with her friends and chasing boys at recess.  She is a very sweet and likable girl.  We love you Rae.