Sunday, October 7, 2012

Raegan cheer camp

Raegan loves doing this little cheer camp class.  It's an all day thing and this year they got to cheer at the varsity football game.  She thinks it's pretty cool.  I think she is pretty good at it.  In the video she is the one in the middle front.  At the end she is one that gets held up.  GO LOBOS!!

Happy Birthday Russ

Russ secretly loves his birthday.  Even though they are never super exciting it's always nice to have a day just for you.  He usually wants something yummy for dinner.  Then either German chocolate cake, strawberry pie or a pumpkin pie.  I won't mention how much of HIS pie he actually ate ALONE.  We are so blessed to have him.  He is such a hard worker and does everything for his family.  He is such a likable person and has a great way of reaching out and teaching people.  We love you babe.

OH boy I got JOY

Reese is in Joy School again this year.  It was great for her last year and she changed and learned so much.  She loves all of her friends and teachers.  This was the second week back and we went on a field trip to the Snowflake Fire Department.  All the kids had a great time.  We have nine kids this year (two are missing this day), and they are all super great kids.  Next year.......Kindergarten.  CRAP!!

Back to School AGAIN

 Sassy Rae OH SO CUTE!!

I can't believe my kids are back in school AGAIN!! WHY can't they just stay in kindergarten forever.  Riley is in 4th grade this year and going to the big school.  His teacher is Mrs. Porras who is really great so far.  What he loves most about 4th grade is the HUGE library and that he gets to walk to dad's office after school.

Raegan went to 2nd grade this year.  Her teacher is Mrs. Baldwin.  She loves everything about school.  She is a social butterfly.  Both of the kids are doing piano again this year and doing really great.  Riley has advanced to the purple books and Raegan in not far behind him.  Reagan and Reese also enjoy doing tumbling this year.  They both LOVE "gymnastics".  I really love to see my kids grow and change but it kills me time is going so fast.