Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My amazing kids!!

I love my kids. They are pretty much the cutest. I had to take some pictures of them on Sunday all dressed up and looking amazing:-)

Speaking of amazing my friend Angie made this amazing dress for Reese. She made it out of a pair of teen size jeans. Isn't it cute as heck? She just made it up and sewed it together. I love it and so does Reese. Thanks Ang!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Room make-over part 2

I put these up today. I made the tile from my cricut. And I need to get some cute candels to go on top of the holders. It's all I could handle today. Being on the ladder makes me nervous. It's definatly a work in progress.

Fun Paper Flowers

These flowers are so fun to make. They are a great way to get rid of any scrap paper you might have. For details on how to make them go to my blog list and click on Inspiration Nation. I have the details there. Have fun!!

Bedroom make-over

My room is in need of a make-over. It should be the nicest room in the house BUT it isn't. It is very BLAH!! I have this amazing plant shelf right above my bed that I have done NOTHING with. My goal is to beautify it. This is my start--what do you think??

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Reese Turns 2

So I have more pictures but for some reason I have tried to download them to my blog 3 times and the rest will not go through. BUT here are a few pictures from Ressie's birthday. She had so much fun. I don't think she fully understood what the day was but she knew that it was all about her. We have a tradition with our kids that we put one gift out at night so when they wake up it's the first thing they see. That way they know the whole day is their day. She loved that. Later we had a little party with cupcakes and icecream. She had some friends come over. It was so funny--when we lit her cupcake to sing to her--she got so mad. She started crying and wanted Russ to hold her. Riley did the exact same thing on his 2nd birthday. They just don't want the attention I guess. Either that or she thought her cupcake was going to burst into flames. HAHA!! We got her a small pool. And when I say small I mean big enough for Reese and one other person. It was so funny to watch ALL the kids try and get in the pool AT THE SAME TIME!! We had a lot of fun!!

Reese for the most part is a really happy girl. She definatly knows who the boss of the house is and if you try to tell her other wise--watch out!! She has a BAD temper BUT a sweet laugh. She mimics EVERYTHING we say and do. Right now she LOVES playing babies and store with Raegan. She pushes her babies around in the stroller and the shopping cart. She LOVES juice, hotdogs, popcorn and candy. Healthy right?? Her favorite movies are Finding Nemo (which she watches almost everyday)and Move it Move it (Madagascar). She is always saying or doing something that makes us laugh. She loves her family and tells us all that she loves us. When I rock her at night she says, "mom, ni, ni, luv you!!" It is the sweetest thing. Reesie Mae I love you and I am so glad you are in our family.

Friday, April 16, 2010


So, Riley FINALLY got signed up for T-ball!! Last year he really wanted to play but I some how missed the sign up day. Well not this year. I was the first person in line. On Friday he had his first practice. Russ or myself were unable to go--but Ninna took him and the camera so I didn't miss anything. Here are some high lights. His team is called Strom, he has a few friends that he knows on the team, and he is the ONLY left handed player. GREAT!! From the pictures he looks like he did a good job and when I asked how it went he said it was really fun. I hope he likes it.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Here are a couple of cards I made for my card exchange. I think they turned out cute.