Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Children's Museum

 Riley painting the rocket--Every day they had a new color the kids could paint the rocket.  This day the color was pink.  Riley got it all in his hair, shirt and shorts.
 In the kitchen making pizza--Reese loved the kitchen.  She spent a lot of time cleaning it and organizing it.  It was pretty funny to see her personality come out--I mean her OCD.
 The store--the conveyor belt really worked.  The girls thought that was the best.
 Rae painting.
 This part was a race car thing.  They had little cars made with roller skate wheels.  There was different race tracks they could all try.  Rae enjoyed just gathering all the cars and putting them all back in the basket so all the kids could take another turn.  Her mommy personality came out.

 All fun and games until Reese gets hurt.  She fell on a rock and scratched her knee.  She cried and cried.  She said, "I just want daddy." and "this is the worst day ever."
 Me and the kids at Hole in the Rock.
 Riley and Rae loved the rock.  They did so good climbing and crawling.
 Love these faces.  Cassie and Caleb
 All the kids on a palm tree stump.
 After we ate lunch on the rock we saved our sandwich crust to feed the ducks.
 The kids loved the ducks.
 Rae before we climbed the rock.
 Riley before we climbed the rock.

 All the kids on the way to the top.
 This rock was a nice, easy walk with stairs all the way to the top.

 By the hole.
 Enjoying lunch.
During Spring Break Cass and I decided to not be lame single moms and take the kids to the valley.  We took them to Hole in the Rock where we ate lunch.  When we got down from the top we fed the ducks.  It was a warm and perfect day to be outside and to do something FREE with the kids.  They all had fun.  It was an easy walk/climb for all the kids.

After lunch we headed to the Phoenix Children's Museum.  SO FUN!! They had so many activities and things to play for all the kids.  Riley loved the pool noodle maze the best.  It was hundreds of pool noodles hanging down that they had to walk threw.  They had a huge HUGE tree house climbing thing that was like three stories high.  It was so fun to watch them enjoy everything there.  I'm so blessed to have such a great friend that will load up and have great adventures with me.

Christmas fun

  Love you like a love song baby!!

We had a nice and quiet Christmas this year.  Everything was perfect. The kids played and played.  We got the kids a kareokee machine.  It was the best thing we have ever gotten the kids.  They all loved it.  It was so fun to watch them shake and sing.  Even Riley got into it.  We love Christmas time.