Monday, March 28, 2011

In Memory NANCY ANN SIPES August 4th 1944-March 20th 2011

Russ's mom Nancy passed away last Sunday. She was surrounded by all of her children. We still can't believe how fast she went. For the past few months she just hasn't felt good. On Tues. March 9th she went to the ER because of bad stomach pains. They did some tests and an ultrasound. We got "the call" on Wed. saying that she had terminal cancer. It was in her pancreas and liver. There was nothing that could be done. Russ left for CA on Friday after she was admitted to the hospital. Her liver was like a sponge and was collecting all of her blood. They pumped her stomach. At one time they pumped 2 GALLONS of fluid out. Then she would receive a blood transfusion. This continued for a few days. All she wanted was to go home. On Friday they finally sent her home. The kids and I got to CA on Saturday. I was shocked to see how frail she looked. Russ and his sister took turns all night Saturday waking up and pushing her morphine button. Sunday morning she was taken by ambulance back to the hospital to have her stomach pumped again. A half an hour after coming home she passed. Only 12 days from finding out. Super fast and so unexpected for her family.

Nancy was a wonderful person. She was such a giver. She LOVED her family. She LOVED being a grandma. She was the BEST mom, friend, grandma, and wife she knew how to be. She never claimed to be perfect but she always made what she felt was the best choices. My kids adored her. Raegan was her little shadow. Nancy was able to come to our house for Christmas the past 4 or so years. Those were great memories we have of her. Nancy was a great cook. I remember her coming for a visit and I thought I had nothing to make us for dinner. Well, Nancy opened my fridge and was able to make a complete dinner from what she found in the fridge. I can still NEVER do stuff like that. We have many fond memories of being at her home in California.
She was a very hard worker. She took her work very seriously. She only rested when she HAD to.

I am very grateful for the last 11 1/2 years that I have been able to know Nancy. I am grateful to her for raising a wonderful son that I get to spend my life with. This trial has made me realize that life is so short. We need to love those who are close to us. Forgive and forget. And be the best you can be. We love you Nancy and we will miss you.

Friday, March 18, 2011

A great picture of a great lady

This is Russel's grandma Ann Ferguson. She was such a wonderful lady. She was TEENY TINY!! But SO full of life. She would order everyone around and she would tell you exactly what was up. She LOVED BYU football. I remember the first time I met her it was our 2nd date (I think) and he took me to meet her. We were going to the BYU game and she was watching it on TV. I don't think she missed watching even one game. How funny to she her SO involved in the game. Kinda funny actually. I am so grateful that Russ and I got to spend so much time with her when we first got married. She lived in Provo and so did we. We had FHE with her and her assisted living friends almost every Monday night. She ADORED her grandson Russ. To her he could do no wrong. It was really sweet to see the two of them together. She was a huge influence and example to Russ in his life. OH how I miss her. Love you grandma!!

Riley's first science project

WOW our first science project. Riley did an amazing job presenting to his class his project. WE choose the disappearing eggshell. This project was interesting and pretty easy. The eggshell is made of calcium and when you put it in vinegar the acid makes the shell disappear. It makes the egg like a rubber ball. I was able to go to his school and see all the 2nd grade projects. They were all so good. I was super proud of Riley that he wasn't too nervous and he knew exactly what he was talking about. I guess that this means we have LOTS more science projects ahead.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

She did it! She finally did it!!

It seems like so long ago that we bought Reese her potty chair. We have been trying for a REALLY long time to get her to actually USE the potty. We tried everything. New underwear, treats, surprises. Nothing really worked. I thought after how EASY Raegan was to potty train and how HARD Riley was that Reese was a girl and would surely follow her sisters footsteps. WRONG!! Reese and Riley are identical in personalities. BOTH STUBBORN!! I knew I shouldn't force her or it would take longer. So we patiently waited for it to be HER idea. Well a few weeks ago I saw at a friends house (thanks Heather) that she had a sticker chart for her little girl. What an idea. Reese LOVES stickers. So I made one and TWO days later she was 100% potty trained. And she only wore a diaper for 2 nights and never peed in them. WHOO HOO!! I'm so happy. It is kind of a weird feeling going from diapers to worrying about if there is a potty close by everywhere you go. Way to go Reese.


Riley has been having a hard time getting motivated to do his homework. He comes home and only has two papers to do and it takes him 2 hours to actually finish them. Yesterday he would have rather take a nap than do his homework. AND HE HATES TAKING NAPS!!

OK in all honesty he does HATE doing homework BUT our family is on round 3 of being sick. Not sure how much more we can take. He wasn't feeling good yesterday when he came home. One minute he was doing homework and the next he was CRASHED. Poor buddy. He is a good boy (most of the time).

Saturday, March 5, 2011

new card

Friday, March 4, 2011

Have you seen my leprechaun???

I remember doing this with Riley when he was in kindergarten. Now it is Raegan's turn to make her potato leprechaun. She asked me ALLL morning to help her. We got creative to say the least. He's pretty cute I'd give him my gold.

Silly stinkin Reese

Where did this girl come from?? She is so so funny. She LOVES to dress up and play MOMMY!! I have caught her putting on DARK DARK lipstick, ALL OVER HER FACE!! Sure wish I had gotten a picture of that one. I love you Reesie Mae!!

Valentine craft

These are the little Valentine's I made for the kid's teachers. I made one for myself too. I am slowly getting some fun decor.