Monday, October 24, 2011

Reesie the ballerina

Reese is so dang funny.  She just started taking a dlance class (this is how she says it).  She is taking tap and ballet.  She wasn't so sure the very first day if she would like it.  I had to FORCE her to go and then pry her off of me and run while her teacher held her.  BUT that only lasted 15 mins.  She is defiantly my fraddy cat and so worried about almost everything.  She is not willing to try new things.  BUT once she does and finds that she actually LIKES these things there is no stopping her.  She is very stubborn.  But now she looks forward to dlance class all week.  Her teacher is great (Thanks Miss Jill) and she even has some little friends that are in her class. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Reese and the pumpquin patch

 Joy school friends
 Reese and her perfect pumpquin (this is how Reese says pumpkin).
Riding in the wagon with little red faces.

Reese and her joy school friends went on a field trip to the Willis Farm's pumpkin patch.  They thought it was so great.  And it was.  They got to go on a walk threw the corn maze.  We have never done that so I thought that was pretty fun.  They had to find the corn that had different colored ribbons on them.  Once they found that color we read on our paper a cool farm fact and then they had to act out something.  Super cute.  Then they all found their perfect pumpkins.  They are so cute and get so excited about such simple things.  Oh to be a child again.

CoUsIn TiMe

 Molly and the kids.  Reese, Raegan, Riley and Aleigh
 Handsome little man Koleiar
Sol and Koleiar
We just got back from a quick trip to Utah.  Our favorite little Koleiar got baptized on October 8th.  We are so proud of him, and very glad we got to go.  Ninna was a lifesaver and rode with me so I didn't have to go by myself.  His favorite aunt Marcie gave a talk on The Holy Ghost.  I compared the Holy Ghost to a stop light.  It  was a great experience and one I hope every one will remember.  It was so great to spend a few hours with my family and get to visit.  We love you Koleiar. 

Reagan's flag ceremony

 Boy scout Riley got to lead the flag ceremony.  Doesn't he look so cute in his uniform? 
Last week Raegan's 1st grade class was in charge of doing the flag ceremony for the school.  They all wore red, white, and blue clothes. They all looked so festive. Raegan's teacher asked if any one knew a boy scout that could lead the flag. Raegan was eager to suggest her brother.  Riley has never done a flag ceremony solo.  He got to lead the flag out and lead everyone in the pledge of allegiance.  He did such a great job.  It made me a little weepy to hear him.  Then Raegan's class sang God Bless America.  It makes me so happy to live in a place where they still FAITHFULLY say the pledge and teach our children about GOD and America.  It was touching.