Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Disneyland Frenzy

Friday, April 17, 2009

Reesie turns one!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Silly kids

(This is the sunflower Riley found and planted in the garden--it's fake--thank heavens something will survive:)

Looking good.

Yesterday, Russ and Melinda made some rows for our ever growing veggie starts. They did an awesome job. I can't wait to get our little vegetables going. So, Riley was out playing in the yard as they were digging. He knows what the rules are when he plays outside. NO going in the road. Well, he must have had a dumb moment because he suddenly darts out into the road--WITH A CAR COMING RIGHT AT HIM!!! Good thing the lady driving saw him and stopped. This would be my greatest fear ever. When I found out what he had done I had to bust him. Russ sent him to his room (after he busted him) and I went in to talk to him. I told him that he knew the rules and that he made a bad choice. I told him that if that lady had not stopped he would be dead right now. I said I would miss him so much and cry everyday until I saw him again in heaven. He looked at me and sweetly said, "Well I've been waiting to see Heavenly Father." How can you argue with that?
Then this morning I was doing Raegan's hair and Riley came in and they started talking. I had been asking the kids to get the toy room clean all morning--this is their conversation.
Riley: "Raegan I am waiting for you to come help me in the toy room."
Raegan: "I can't do it-because it's too hard."
Riley: "Well maybe Heavenly Father could help you."
Raegan: "Well he is not here. And if he came here he would break our house."
I was laughing so hard. It's so cute to hear them talk. Love those kids.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

Riley showing off his basket

The girls--looking at their "goods"

Reese enjoyed her first Easter. Here she is enjoying her first peep. She LoVeD it. And the rest of the candy she got.

This was so cute. Russ shined his shoes before church. Riley asked him what he was doing and why his shoes were so shiny. Russ asked him if he wanted him to shine his shoes too. Riley said yes. So, here is Riley getting his first ever shoe shine from daddy. He could not stop smiling and looking at his shoes. So cute.

Raegan in her new church dress.

Cute kiddos

Handsome Riley

Can this picture be any cuter?

Beautiful Reese

I love this baby girl
We had a really good Easter. The kids woke up to their baskets from the Easter Bunny. Mom and dad got them new church clothes. They looked so stinkin cute. We enjoyed our church meetings. While we were at church the Easter Bunny came and hid Easter eggs outside for us. The kids had a blast finding all 66 eggs. Sheesh. It is fun to see them enjoying themselves so much. Even Reese got some eggs and was totally happy just holding them. We eat a yummy dinner. However, we put our Easter ham in the smoker before church and when we got home it was burned. SO SAD!! We saved what we could and used it in snowy potatoes. We just BBQ some chicken and had all the other good food too. We had some neighbors over and the missionaries for dinner. It was a good time.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Reese is almost one!!

I have been going crazy trying to think of what to do for Reesie's birthday invitations/announcements. Then when I knew what I wanted I was going crazy trying to get them done and look as cute as I imagined. Well yesterday, (with the help of Krystal) I got them all finished and mailed. I think they turned out pretty cute. If you can't tell they are cupcakes. the back says....She's so cute, She's so fun--Our Reesie Mae is turning one.

Reesie the vacuum

This little girl ALWAYS has something in her mouth. We call her the vacuum. I can just get finished cleaning the floor and she will, without fail, find something to put into her mouth. It's crazy. Well, yesterday Raegan asked for some popcorn. We were eating it and watching a movie. I could not give Reese pieces of popcorn fast enough. She was getting so mad. Finally I just put some on the floor for her. SHE LOVED IT!! After she was done with that she stood up next to the table and pulled the bowl down so she could get more. REESIE THE VACUUM!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Floyd Gilmore Fund

This last year we found out my mom's cousin, Floyd Gilmore, has brain cancer. He has had the "regular" treatment for it and he was doing OK for a while. Well, he is getting worse and worse as the days pass. He and his family want to send him to Oklahoma to the Camelot Cancer Center to do a more extensive treatment which has been a success in other patients with his type of cancer. However insurance does not pay for this treatment.

Floyd is a wonderful man. He is 44 years old. He and his wife, Brenda, live in Oregon. He would do anything he could for anyone--even a stranger. He is just the nicest, sweetest, funnest, person. Floyd and Brenda have been threw a lot this last year and have sold everything to pay for the cost of doctor's bills, treatments, ect. This new treatment will cost them $10,000. My family has set up a fund for Floyd. Please check it out Floyd's Fund.

We have raised $2,500 so far and need the rest as soon as possible so he can start these treatments. I can not imagine what Floyd or his wife Brenda have been threw. I have known so many people with cancer and my heart truly goes out to them. What a wonderful world we live in now to have such hi-tech technology, and wonderful trained doctors. I am grateful to them.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

VeGgIe SpRoUtS!!!

I am so excited today. As part of our "get prepared" goal, we started a garden. Before we planted the veggies be started them inside. Well today I got my first little veggie sprouts. YEY!!! I am probably more excited than most about this. WHY??? Because we have never had a garden before. We bought a house once that already had a garden--but never got a harvest or even sprouts. I'm a horrible gardner. I don't have the first idea as to what needs to happen. BUT, our stake president asked us to plant a garden so we did. Now I am even more excited that things are sprouting. Right now we have several sprouts--but they are only peas and beans--which I am totally fine with. At least we had some success right?